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. >> when they reached the airport, don harris asked a shaken ryan about the knife attack. >> yeah, he said, something about rob and choke and kill or knife -- i don't know. what he said was he intended to kill me. >> within minutes, all three men here, congressman leo ryan, reporter don harris and the nbc cameraman behind the lens, bob brown, seen earlier the same day, would be dead, shot by jim jones' gunmen. >>> just ahead -- ambush at the airport. >> i looked out the window, and i said, they're killing everyone, they're killing everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪... ♪... ♪... choose the perfect hotel anne's tablet called my phone. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became a congrats we sold the company party. wait til my wife's phone hears about this. [ cellphone vibrating ] [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center, working together has never worked so well. >>> it feels like it just ha
they reached the airport, don harris asked a shaken ryan about the knife attack. >> yeah, he said, something about rob and choke and kill or knife -- i don't know. what he said was he intended to kill me. >> within minutes, all three men here, congressman leo ryan, reporter don harris and the nbc cameraman behind the lens, bob brown, seen earlier the same day, would be dead, shot by jim jones' gunmen. >>> just ahead -- ambush at the airport. >> i looked out the window, and i said, they're killing everyone, they're killing everyone. eóoç=Ñp >>> it feels like it just happened yesterday. >> 30 years later tracy parks came back to this small airport near jonestown. did you feel like you were home free when you got to the airport? >> yeah, pretty much. i thought, yay, i'm going home. >> on that day, november 18, 1978, 15 defectors got off the truck at port kituma airport, six in the parks family, seven with the bogue family, plus vern gosney and his friend. that's vern walking toward us. >> when i got there, we unloaded, and i had a feeling of foreboding. >> this man, larry layton, was a fa
it was bouncing off each other. >> when they reached the airport, don harris asked a shaken ryan about the knife attack. >> yeah, he said, something about rob and choke and kill or knife -- i don't know. what he said was he intended to kill me. >> within minutes, all three men here, congressman leo ryan, reporter don harris and the nbc cameraman behind the lens, bob brown, seen earlier the same day, would be dead, shot by jim jones' gunmen. >>> just ahead -- ambush at the airport. >> i looked out the window, and i said, they're killing everyone, they're killing everyone. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through
to leave, verne gosney mistook nbc reporter don harris in the blue for a ryan aide. >> i tucked a note in his elbow as he walked by, and the note dropped to the ground, and i picked it up and gave it back to him and told him, you dropped something. and a small boy then shouted, you know, he passed a note, he passed a note! >> it said, help us get out of jonestown. >> when i heard that i think verne gosney had passed a note that he wanted to leave, we were just like, oh, my god. >> as word spread, tension grew. time was running out on jonestown for all the children and everyone else. yet their last night on earth would end in song. ♪ no matter what they take from me they can't take away my dignity ♪ >> jones forced the reporters to leave and go back to the nearby town of port kaituma. ryan and his aide jackie speier spent the night in jonestown. >> and i was awake a good part of the night thinking, how quickly can we get out of here tomorrow? >> leslie wilson was thinking the same thing. a small group of black members hoped to walk out that next morning to go on a picnic, so they sa
. >> harris: who took out the part about al-qaeda's role? what we are learning. >> also, gas prices, you don't wanna pay. how about this. a gadget to turn any car on the road into a hybrid. one man says he can convert your vehicle into a money saving machine. i'm harris faulkner. mideast on edge lethal conflict stretching into a fifth day. calls forever restraint are lost in the din of battle as the region moves closer to what looks like a precursor to war. israel stepping up its assault launching 200 airstrikes. the thank you taxes leveling the headquarters of the hamas' prime minister and other government building. israel's enemies undaunted militants in gaza shooting another long range rocket bound for the city of tel aviv. israeli military up to the task of defending the home front. i want to tell you what you are watching. these pictures show israel's shield from missile tacks in action it is called the iron dome system shooting up into the sky to intercept incoming rocket and blasting it apart. that defense system is one of the newest high-tech additions to israel's persian gulf arsena
because it doesn't change the policy. i don't begin to know how harry reid thinks or how his brain works. if you believe what nancy pelosi said, she said if you want to look what our plan is for medicare look at obamacar obamacare. i wonder if that's the cuts they made to medicare denied in the election, if they take credit for those. this is really scary, because he is trying to rally people on his side. he believes they think they should tax the rich. he doesn't even have the will of his party. chuck schumer says no, got to be $1 million or more. and conservative senators up for re-election in two years saying no way. >> bob: let's remember that he took a lot of heat the last time around when he got to the debt ceiling, debt ceiling issue. he was negotiating the whole time. not out in the country campaigning. this time around they decided that strategy, staying in washington. dealing with the republicans. >> eric: what though? who is he campaigning? one size says raise taxes. look, the super committee couldn't get it done. gang of six couldn't get it done. how are the people going to g
, let's don't forget the last time that the senate had a budget, it was when harry reid worked with his friend, speaker pelosi and nobody in the 2008 budget complained that it wasn't spending enough money. let's go back to 2008. $2.5 trillion, and cuts off a trillion in spending, right there. >> lou: there are all sorts of ways to get there, as you suggest here tonight, and, as suggested in other forums as well, but the idea that this president an boehner are coming together to have at least a civil discourse over what in the world we're going to do about the fiscal cliff, six weeks remain, are you any more hopeful as a result of the tone they've taken on the first day of discussion? >> well, i wasn't hopeful with the president's tone, when he said -- >> are you being partisan here? >> i'm not being partisan, i am being objective, when i say that the president proposed $1.6 trillion in new revenue? he wants to destroy the economy? come on. who in their right mind will allow that kind of increase to devastate the economy. it will not be hostess going out of business. >> lou: that is a go
, harry bernson, you don't think it is a poincince, all of that hell started raining down on david petraeus's head as soon as he issued the... with the administration, the timeline on benghazi, did you. >> exactly and i love your sarcasm, one of the reasons i love you, lou. that is exactly the problem and the way we do have the tools, number one, we have the purse strings, if it becomes a department of injustice we have the power to defund it. and, when it is clearly being used to exact injustice, it is time to defund the parts of it that are being unjust. we have that power. and, the other thing that is so -- >> real quick. >> when the american people rise up and say, this is crazy, people were crying for help and nobody did anything? you know, the commercial about, who do you want wanting the phone at 3:00 a.m., the answer we find out, for heaven's sakes, somebody answer the phone. and nobody did. the president goes to bed, people were being tortured and terrorized, and killed. and he goes to bed? who was acting president pro tem? valerie jarrett? we need to know. because i tell
, it is possible to do this. to put that caboshed to assist don higher tax rates. >> talk about boehner but let's talk about harry reid. here is what he had to say. >> to be as conciliatory as possible i want to work together and to understand and they cannot push us around. gerri: what? >> i am willing to work with anybody by he wants to go back toclinton in tax rates creating 23 million jobs. and for these rates you will be campaigning in you'll see bill clinton play of role to broker the deal, make the case publicly but to solve the problem out on the trail again. >> isn't this a different era? it is completely different. doesn't make sense to do that now? >> with the tax is enacted 1993 it was econoc growth accelerated after the congressional republicans agreed on capital gains tax when the economy started to roll or. most will say it is not a good idea to raise tax rates and a period of sluggish growth. it is counterproductive what will really raise revenues is te late 1990's which is more rapid economic growth. when you have vibrant growth you get said gusher of revenue with the cbo that
are selling off stocks because they don't like obama's? >> they don't like obama's obama's, like harry reid are john boehner. these are the people that brought us to this point* but now they will get into room to fix the problem they brought to was? i don't think so. the only good news december is seasonal strength also 2013 we get more bearish into the year. gerri: is there any place to run and hide? >> housing stocks. gerri: they are already up. >> listen. something is going on. the nasdaq was down 80% through 2003 because interest rates stay low. short-term bonds but my big worry hitting the of financial stocks they broke down a few names as be real worried. gerri: as a result over regulation for financial's? >> of course. elizabeth warren has the senate seat wants to put the stranglehold on financial companies. we are dealing with what should be the opposite. too much government to much government spending, it has never worked in the history of time but that is the recipe and the market voted today. >> people are out there who say that is what we need. the market is not doing well, and
between harris and the police. >> i don't care, man. i don't care, man. i don't have nothing to say to the police. >> backed up against a car dealership and there are people inside the dealership while this discussion is going on. >> i'm ready to die. >> harris eventually moves his hand down near his waist and quickly does this. >> listen to what you're saying. >> where are the shots coming from? >> police say harris pulled a gun and fired first. officers responded with a hail of gunfire. harris is currently listed in critical condition. none of the officers were hit in this exchange of gunfire. several police officers, they won't tell us how many, have been put on administrative leave because they discharged their weapon. >> the woman we're hearing off camera, sounds like that's the mother of his children. >> listen to what you're saying. >> there's no reports as to who that is off camera talking with harris. someone is trying to get him to comply with police. sadly he doesn't. this shooting happened saturday, the video just now surfacing. they may be able to use this as part of th
the bills? >> i don't know that harry reid is a super villain here. i think he has done what the height house needed him to do. he is not bruceing the president's budget because it would lose. he is not bruceing the republican budget -- >> greta: is the president 9 villain? >> i not assigning labels of villains and heros. >> greta: but the budget's important -- >> there is no question. >>. >> greta:th getting the economy revved up. you are telling me that the president -- doesn't want him to take it up? >> what i am saying here in washington, i don't think have you to look far to find more than one person responsible for the gridlock we are facing now. >> look, i think that not passing a budget, to some degree is a symptom of the problem in congress, not a cause of it. you need the senate and the house to agree it a budget to get anything passed. that's clearly want going to happen. it's a three-way process that involves the president. it is true that reid is a proxy for the president. but the guys have to get in a room together and hammer out a deal. yeah, it would be preferable if the
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are the chances it will happen? >> one, it is a good idea. two, the chances don't look good. harry reid said no and senior republicans on the armed forces or one of the other committees that is doing the own hearings said no. >> chris: national security. >> so we're not there yet. i would say -- i did want to say something about susan rice, though. the president said he sent her out to give a presentation. is that what she did here? on "fox news sunday." i assumed she was asked questions. give a presentation. here is the-up ambassador and he said she gives testimony that turned out not to be true or said things. besmirches her reputation when you channel that? ridiculous on his part. >> chris: all right. we'll leigh it there. more to follow. take a break here. but up next the president addresses the looming fiscal cliff. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that'
. if they don't, you can say goodbye to the house and the senate will remain under the control of harry reid. it's time to look in the mirror. we have the co-host of "the five." you recovered. all set. >> yeah! nice to see you? >> at the time akin made the comment, legitimate rape and the woman's body as a means of preventing pregnancy, it's a rape, i don't know. i invited him on my radio program for two days in a row. we went on for a long time. here's part of that exchange. >> i think there is one political reality that has to be faced by you and your campaign and that is that, you know, the reality here is democrats now have a ton of ammunition and they are going to try and use these remarks to hurt everybody they can. if i was put in that position, i would be thinking about what is in the best interest of the party, what is in the best interest of, you know, mitt romney, in this case? what is in the best interest of the people of missouri? are they going to hear a campaign about issues or is this going to be a distraction in the campaign? you are not even considering that? >> caller: no, no.
the opportunity? he does. that said, to use terminology that harry reid would understand, if you don't want to play in his casino, he will stakt deck against you when he knows the ideas are wrong. that's what he is trying to do with the republicans and also what he tries to do with democrats who want to do reasonable things on the budget. when max baucus tried to put a budget together, he said stop. when mark warner said let's work with republicans on off-shore drilling, he said, stop it. >> sean: obamacare is the law of the lan, if he is going to repeal -- can't they de-fund it? >> yes, they can. >> sean: why can't they do that? why are the republicans caving -- >> they are letting him do it. he has a lot of power. another thing he state the, he -- the big movement behind this, is because he wants to make senate a more meaningful place-- >>> that's not how it was designed. >> no, it's not! we shouldn't let him get away with this! >> the voters wanted folks to work together. the speaker said, let's work together. but let's work on the things that we agree on. >> sean: harry reid is trying t
: same thing is true with harry potter, what sit about teenagers? >> i don't know, do you think it is arrested development? i don't know. >> rose: i do know you said your teenage years were not that happy with you. >> i loved, stephen king says if you enjoy being a teenager there is something really wrong for you and that made me -- that really struck me here, i mean,. >> rose: so a happy teenager could not read write a book like this or stephen king. >> no, no definitely not, well actually i think the urge to write often comes from a wish to rearrange reality, the reality you are in so i don't think i have ever met -- >> but is it easier to make it a fantasy or a real village that has real people. >> there is not much difference and there are different kind of books but for me, what obsesses memorial at this, mortality. >> rose: those two things most of all. >> absolutely. >> rose: run through everything you do. >> exactly they run through harry potter completely and i probably will never be able to -- >> morality and mortality. >> a close friend of mine and i finished the boo
in history in 2001 the first harry potter film opened in movie theaters. eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. >> good morning to you. welcome back to "fox & friends". i am hert childers. thank you for joining us. it is 29 after the top of the hour. almost 5:30. that means it is time for your 5@5:30. a 28-year-old new york city man convicted of a foiled subway bombing plot will be sentenced this afternoon. they are asking that he spend life behind bars for the terror plot for crippling the city. he is an american citizen from boss knee a. two of the former high school classm
.s. are quite positive in absolute and relative terms. i don't see us going back to 6,000. >> harry, i mean, we would have to see a disintegration of the european union, the eurozone, to have that kinds of impact on the u.s. economy. is that what you're calling for? >> it's more than that. even the u.s. economy alone is two economies right now. 80% of people never feel we came out of the recession because they peaked in their spending. their house is under water. 20% of people are college educated. very low unemployment rates. they benefitted from qe and the markets rising back. they peak in their 50s instead of mid-40s. the wealthier part of our economy is due to tailor off. the demographics in europe just go off a cliff for many, many years to come. yes, you can have nice little things in the economy and stimulus, but you can't get older people to spend money, and europe has the worst problems because they have the worst demographic. >> listen. the economist in britain taught us that demographics do not have a very strong predictive value, particularly when it comes to markets. in 1998, harry
and there will be a strong proportional response. i can't tell you what that will be in part because we don't know what form harry reid's efforts might take nor are we certain he is going to do it yet or convince him it is not in his interest to do it, but we are not going to take kindly to that. [applause] >> this is a wonderful to have you here senator, this is a double feature this afternoon and i have a privilege of also introducing our next speaker, u.s. senator ted cruise from texas. deuce two years ago when he came up to me and others in the room, said he was contemplating a run for the u.s. senate and asked for reaction. trying hard not to pour water over ted's noble commitment to public service i resisted the temptation to whether what would have instinctively rolled off of most of our tongues when a friend confronts us with such a request for advice. are you crazy? do you have a fever? have you sought professional help for this deviant behavior? taking a slightly different tack i asked the usual questions. is it the right time politically? do you really think the money is there? is your family pre
with that. that's what they are proposing. what's your objection, sir? i don't know yet whether harry reid and the democrats can must er 51 votes to change. but it sort of appears that harry reid's side is winning argument already saying they will do what the democrats are proposing to do as a way of objecting. sherrod brown of ohio joins us next. (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of this, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male
to be if we have a late night tonight and don't know what is going on in ohio? >> the name is don houston. i have said it before, the new catherine harris, the republican electd secretary of state, support out 7 million applications for requests, absentee ballots and were never gone before. s long and short of it, tom, there are 300,000, at least, provisional ballots that can't be counted by law in ohio. they have to wait 10 days. i don't see in a tight race how we will know what happened in ohio, really, the key to the election until those votes are counted. >> something unusual happened to this campaign, and i still call it a campaign. mitt romney and paul ryan were still out there on the trail today. and we saw mit ryan touch down in pittsburgh. what does it tell you this late in the game, you know, during the game that mitt romney is taking time out to go to western pennsylvania? >> well, the fact of the matter is, just saw david plough, the top political organizer for obama said, look, i don't know why they're going to pennsylvania. they have to win 2/3 of the independent -- independenc
: while the senate majority leader, harry reid, was very blunt about being pessimistic. >> i don't understand his brain, you should ask him. >> reporter: visiting their nation's capitol today, mixed expectations from tourists from georgia and texas >> i hope they get it, more than i did before the election. >> of course i'm nervous, you never know what politicians are going to do. >> reporter: democrats, still lifted by their election success, argued that voters chose higher tax rates for wealthy americans as part of any plan to cut the deficit. and say republicans will have to give in. >> did speaker john boehner get the message? because the message was work together. >> they're not going to openly concede on this point this far out from the deadline, but they see the handwriting on the wall. >> reporter: late today, gop sources said that they have some details about the proposal brought here from tim geithner. they say the white house is offering $1.6 trillion in tax increases over ten years, 400 billion in cuts coming later. and no new proposals dealing with entitlement reform
the bush tax cuts for rich people. does he still insist he will veto any such plan? >> well, don't forget he's always -- harry reid's the pocket veto. the democrat senate, the pocket veto, why he hasn't had to veto anything if something can't get through the senate, it's not going to debt to him, number one. look, i think the white house was pleasantly surprised and open to what john boehner said. i mean, obviously, they appreciated what they thought was a very thoughtful and well thought out position that speaker boehner made publicly about where he sees the negotiations, where he's publicly putting out there where he's willing to move for now. obviously, everything's in negotiation, everything's a little bit of posturing. but it certainly was a much different tone, for instance, than what came out of mitch mcconnell's office office the election, and we've plowed through that plenty. i think what you're going to see now is the white house wants to attack a little bit of time, be thoughtful how public -- what they say publicly versus how much maneuverer ability is there. the other unnamed
see more in the days to come and one other factor, to keep an eye on, these judges, they say they don't buy the president's decree, the judges across the country are trying to shut down the country's entire judicial system, harris. >> harris: you have so many staring hoeldz in all of this, steve and we are also keeping an eye on the prominent opposition leader, al-faradi. what is the role we expect. >> reporter: he has been vocal and the most prominent and best known opposition leader in the west, mohammed el-braradeel-bar know beal peace prize winner has been sharp in his criticism of president mohamed morsi, saying he's trying to become a pharaoh and dictator in egypt and if he tried to launch a political campaign he might have criticism for people who say he spends a got part of his life outside of the country. but now he is acting, really, at least in western media, as the face of the opposition, harris. >> harris: i'm going to ask you to hang with us. we're going to try to bring up a live picture and hope technology serves us best here. the satellite photo has been shaky. this is
the word value. excellent stuff. thank you. always a pleasure. if you don't like harry reid's comments on taxes waiting for you hear what he says about climate change and its role in stores like hurricanes and the. we will have the story and of course reaction new at 10:00. harry reid climate change. back to the markets. apple. i got to ask, where is it? >> up fractionally, doing a lot of nothing after tanking yesterday, we saw it down 20% of of its record highs in september. there is concern about the pipeline and concerns that they don't make as much, costs more to make them and competition. stuart: i have a drugmaker. don't know what they do. it is called catalyst. i think you have some news on it and it is down. >> this is a $44 million company so keep in mind this is micro cap but potential cocaine addiction treatment they have, it is resulting in larger proportion of cocaine during this two week period. that is why you are seeing this stock tanking. you put me on the spot with the climate change talk. i am an expert on business news. i wasn't ready to answer a question about whol
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 304 (some duplicates have been removed)